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Why should you choose the LED aquarium lighting products?

A. Low power consumption, low running cost on direct lighting. 

The ordinary bulbs are electricity hungry, to produce the same brightness the LED lighting only need about 30% of electricity consumption. Energy saving about 70%.

B. Low heat generation, no chiller or fan required, cost saving on chiller or fan running.

There are two types of heat involved. The first type of heat is in the air surrounding the bulb, which can be removed with the use of fans. The second type of heat is the radiant heat that is produced by the lighting system. This heat, unfortunately, is absorbed by the aquarium water and cannot be removed with the use of fans, the water chiller is required.

C. Long life, more than 50,000 hours, cost saving on lamp replacement.

LED light will keep 95% of brightness after 1000 hours and 70% of brightness after 50,000 hours.

D. No glass material, not broken easy, complete waterproof,  low working voltage. Safe!!!

Polycarbonate (PC) tube, no glass; total waterproof underwater 0-1 meter; DC 5V or DC 12 volt working voltage, absolute safe to fish and people.


E. Environment friendly. Green Source.

RoHs compliant material and UL/CE listed power supplier.

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